Well there goes your social life! NYC Dog Events is a calendar of dog-friendly events happening in and around New York City!

Gone are the days of sorting through events on other platforms not meant for dog people. Your dog-friendly or dog themed event will be featured on our calendar and potentially cross posted on our Instagram page.

Bookmark this page to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the NYC dog world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I display my dog-friendly event for free?

Yes! Sign up as a user and add your event to our calendar. It’s free!

Do I need to create a new event listing every time I have an event?

No. If your event happens more than once, you can edit the listing and add a new date, time, and details.

For example, a monthly breed meet up should have one listing that is updated. Just click the “event repeating” box and add in the new date and time. You can also edit the details, event photo, and any other information.

Event Repeating
If you are hosting a brand new event, feel free to make a brand new listing.

Do all events have to be free?

No. Dog-friendly events can be free or charge a fee.

Do all dog-friendly events have to take place in New York City?

No. If your event is happening close by, for example in Hoboken, feel free to add it.

Can I sell tickets to my dog-friendly event on your site?

Yes! There is an option to sell tickets directly on our site. We will take a small fee of $1 per ticket sold. Stripe is used to collect fees.

What do the colors on each listing stand for?

Each color signifies a type of event. Here is the key:
Color Key

Can I advertise my business or event on your page?

Yes! Feel free to contact us for more information.

Do all events have to be dog-friendly?

All events listed must either be dog-friendly or dog themed.